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Creating Accessible Services using Minecraft

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Bridging the ChASM: Creating Accessible Services using Minecraft

Unlocking the therapeutic power of videogames in counselling and therapy

About this project

The ‘Bridging the ChASM: Creating Accessible Services using Minecraft’ project, spearheaded by the Faculty of Education with AHRC IAA funding, showcases the innovative use of Minecraft as a therapeutic tool within counselling and therapy. Aimed at enhancing the impact of research on utilising videogames for therapeutic purposes, the project commenced with the production of two films demonstrating Minecraft's application in these settings.

The initiative, created by Monique Beckett, Ellie Finch, Ros McLellan and Fiona Peacock, highlights how counselling sessions conducted within Minecraft can be both engaging and therapeutic, thus shifting the focus from viewing children and young people as "hard to reach" to taking responsibility for creating services that are more accessible. Through events and disseminations, such as an upcoming event on 18th May, the project seeks to inform and inspire professionals on the therapeutic potential of videogames like Minecraft.

By sharing insights and outcomes, online and in-person, the team aims to reach a broad audience of professionals, encouraging the adoption of videogame-based therapeutic interventions. The clinical work and research of Monique Beckett and Ellie Finch, who have incorporated Minecraft into their counselling services, underscores the project's potential to revolutionise therapeutic practices, ultimately benefiting the children and young people whose comfort zone is so often the digital world.

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Films about ChASM

We have made two films about using Minecraft as a therapeutic tool which you can watch on our YouTube channel:

  1. Bridging the ChASM: Creating Accessible Services using Minecraft – An Introduction
  2. Bridging the ChASM: Creating Accessible Services using Minecraft – A Guide

ChASM Introduction

The Introductory film explains more about the Bridging the ChASM project and the use of Minecraft in counselling.

ChASM - A guide

The Guide film takes an in-depth look at using Minecraft therapeutically and provides examples of how we have used Minecraft in counselling sessions with individual children and young people, groups and families. Below is a selection of example sessions from the Guide film.

Example sessions from guide film

07:42 Example: Group Session

11:04 Example: Younger Sibling

13:48 Example: Family Session

16:14 Example: Bullying

18:21 Example: Parental Separation

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