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Transforming Practice (MEd)

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Key Facts
Route Co-ordinator: Haira Gandolfi Enrolled 2022-23: 94
Open to: Our PGCE & PACES graduates only
Application deadline: for 2024-25 entry 16/05/2024 *Application written task for PACES-MEd applicants.
*All PACES-MEd applicants are expected to complete this task, regardless of a previous offer of admission onto this programme

Who is the course for?

The Transforming Practice MEd course is only offered to University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education PGCE & PACES graduates. It is a one-year part-time route.

If you completed your PGCE at another institution you can either apply to one of the routes available to you on our 2 year part time MPhil courses pages, or gain a PACES or Diploma qualification first through our PPD routes and then apply for this course.

This popular course offers a flexible blended learning approach for full or part time education practitioners at different stages in their career who are interested in developing and transforming their practice. Education practitioner is construed as a broad term to encompass not just teachers in school settings, but teachers in other educational contexts and professionals whose work is located in education settings such as counsellors, those who work with school assessment etc.

What does this course offer?

The course aims to strengthen:

  • Knowledgeable practitioners who have an advanced understanding of practices, processes, and outcomes of teaching and learning
  • Open-minded practitioners who will challenge practice through critically analysing multiple sources of evidence and developing appropriate arguments for change
  • Innovative practitioners who will transform their practice on the basis of their learning
  • Influencing practitioners who will develop the practical, organisational and communicative / presentational skills and agency to persuade others

Through the key modules on reflexive practice, innovation in education, and influencing education practice and policy you will engage with debates surrounding education and practice and undertake relevant practical activities. The approach is collaborative, interactive and contextualised. You will also be exploring in depth an area of professional interest to you within a community of enquiry and will undertake a small-scale practical enquiry that aims to transform practice.

The course will enable you to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of relevant and ethical professional practice, policies, theories and process of change
  • Critically analyse multiple sources of evidence
  • Reflect on the challenges and affordances of professional practice and opportunities of change
  • Develop a coherent argument supported by policies, theories and practices
  • Demonstrate the communication and leadership skills required for effecting change
  • Engage others through communication and leadership

coloured pensHow is the course organised?

The Transforming Practice MEd is offered as a blended learning route. This means that the route will be offered via some face to face day conferences and some synchronous online evening sessions via a Moodle Virtual Learning Environment (VLE ).

Synchronous online sessions have associated activities to be completed asynchronously which will be made available on the course Moodle VLE. Synchronous teaching sessions also take place via Moodle VLE.

You will also be allocated a personal supervisor and be entitled to 4.5 hours of supervision over the course to support your work. You can choose to have supervisions online, telephone and face to face.

a pocket watch showing the seconds handCourse attendance

Required (over the year)

  • Five full-day conferences at the Faculty
  • Nine evening online sessions via Moodle VLE

Conference dates 2024-25 
9am - 5pm (may be subject to change)

  • Friday 4th October 2024
  • Saturday 9th November 2024
  • Saturday 18th January 2025
  • Saturday 8th March 2025
  • Saturday 10th May 2025 

You will be part of a community of enquiry which will meet during face-to-face conferences and work together as an online learning group.

Each community of enquiry has an allocated tutor who will work with your group on the course materials and online discussions. Online discussions take place approximately three times during the University term time, usually on Tuesdays 7-8pm. Supervisions (online, telephone or face to face) are at times arranged between yourself and your supervisor.