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The impact of creative partnerships on wellbeing

This project funded by CCE, which is linked to the Arts Council of England, is exploring the nature of the relationship between student wellbeing and areas of the curriculum where students are required to exercise greater autonomy and creativity in their learning. We are also interested in the specific contribution that schools can make to different aspects of student wellbeing, as identified in the White Paper, Every Child Matters.


To this end, we are working with 20 primary and 20 secondary schools. The first stage of the project involves a short questionnaire examining different areas of student wellbeing and attitudes to learning. This will be followed up by detailed case studies of a sub-sample of these schools with the aim of identifying the most effective strategies for promoting different aspects of student wellbeing.

Project Team

You can find out more about the Project team by accessing the links below:

Maurice Galton (
Ros McLellan (
Susan Steward
Charlotte Page
Bryony Horsley-Heather (administrator)

Contact Details

Project Office
Tel: +44 (0) 1223 767680

Faculty of Education
University of Cambridge
184 Hills Road