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Effecting Principled Improvement in STEM Education

Teaching materials

The teaching materials for each epiSTEMe module consist of a set of Projection Slides and a Study Booklet supported by Teaching Notes and, in some cases, further resources. The classroom material has been designed to be suitable for any Year 7 class in which a majority of students achieved Level 4 in the relevant subject in their end-of-KS2 assessment.

The Teaching Notes for each module are available for download below. These explain the rationale for the module and offer lesson by lesson guidance on teaching it. Alongside each download are details of the key contact person in the epiSTEMe team for the particular module concerned. Because the project team would like to keep track of where and how the epiSTEMe materials are being used, interested parties should approach the appropriate contact person if interested.

Introductory module Teaching notes Worksheets Activity cards 5a Activity cards 6b Projection slides.
Contact Neil Mercer <>

Electricity module Teaching notes.
Contact Keith Taber <>

Forces module Teaching notes.
Contact Christine Howe <>

Fractions, Ratio & Proportion module Teaching notes.
Contact Christine Howe <>

Probability module Teaching notes Appendix Study booklet Projection slides.
Contact Kenneth Ruthven <>