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Double CD Training Pack


Supporting young children in becoming self-regulated learners.

The C.IND.LE (Cambridgeshire Independent Learning) Project was a 2 year project exploring the development of independent or self-regulated learning amongst 3-5 year old children. The practitioners in 32 Cambridgeshire Foundation Stage settings worked with researchers from Cambridge University Faculty of Education to document and analyse children's self- regulatory capabilities.

This research has established that young children in this age group, given the opportunity, are capable of taking far more responsibility for their own learning than was previously thought. Even at this young age, they are beginning to be aware of their own learning, to be able to organise their approach to learning activities, and to see themselves positively as learners. The development of these self-regulatory and metacognitive abilities has been shown to be a key indicator of a child's likelihood of becoming a successful learner. This research has shown that important developments in these abilities are occurring in the 3-5 age range, and that Foundation Stage practitioners, through high quality pedagogical practices, can make a highly significant contribution in this area.

This CD based training resource contains evidence, examples and insights from the research project which will help Foundation Stage practitioners

  • understand the significance and nature of independent or self-regulated learning in young children
  • make observations and assessments of behaviours which provide evidence of independent learning
  • develop aspects of the provision in their setting which encourage independent or self-regulated learning

On CD 2 there is a range of other resources. These include a section on how to use the CHILD 3-5 checklist in your setting; some examples of the development of pedagogical innovations within a setting; some extended video clips for practice in observation and analysis; and a fully elaborated 5 Day training programme which has been piloted with Cambridgeshire Foundation Stage settings, often with dramatic results.

The C.IND.LE CD Resource Pack is retailed at £20.00 and may be purchased individually or in multiples at special rates depending on size of order. The project team are also available for one or two day conferences (£600 per day), as follows:

  • Day 1 The C.IND.LE Project
    • what is meant by independent or self-regulated learning (SRL)
    • development of SRL in the 3-5 age range; previous research & the Project findings
    • pedagogy for SRL: the 4 underlying principles
  • Day2 The C.IND.LE 5 Day Training course
    • using the CHILD 3-5 checklist
    • developing pedagogical innovations to enhance and support SRL in Foundation Stage settings

These conferences are particularly intended to train Early Years advisory staff to teach the 5 Day Training course to Foundation Stage practitioners. Further details are available from Dr. David Whitebread.

Or send this order form to: Dr. David Whitebread, Director, C.IND.LE Project, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, 184, Hills Rd, Cambridge CB2 8PQ

C.IND.LE CD Resource Pack Order Form (Word doc 24k)

C.IND.LE CD Flyer (pdf 1.9M)

Please make cheques payable to the University of Cambridge.