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Creating a Strong Password

Strong Password Creation

Passwords?  I hate all these passwords!
I just use my login name as my password and if they make me use something different... I just tape it
to my monitor!

[Strong Password Generator]

Q.  Why do I need to use a password?

A.  A password prevents other people from using, viewing, changing, and deleting your personal files, data, programs, etc.  To keep the security necessary for maintaining a network (particularly one connected to the internet), it is necessary that each person has and uses a password.  Also, if someone was to get a hold of your password and log in as you and then commit a computer crime of some sort, you would instantly become a suspect (this is more common than you might expect!).

Q.  What is a good password to use?

A.  A good password is at least 7 characters and should contain one character from at least 3 of the following groups: lowercase letters, capital letters, numbers, and symbols. For example, "dKAR32b" would be a great password.  NEVER USE YOUR NAME, or any part of your name or birthday or name of a family member or friend.  In fact, a good password would be one that if someone knew everything about you and they saw a password written down, they would not have any way of figuring out that it was yours.

Q.  How do I change my password in Microsoft Windows 7?

A.  Like most things in Windows, there are many ways to do the exact same thing (and all work just as well).  The most common way is to first, log in using your current password.  Then, hold down the CTRL and ALT keys and press the DEL key once (and then let go of all the keys).  A new desktop appears containing many options.  One of those options is "Change a password...".  If you click on that box it will pop-up a new window asking you to first enter your old (or current) password.  Then you need to enter the new password twice before you can complete the change.  If everything goes well, it will tell you: "Your password has been successfully changed."

Q. How do I change my UIS Password?

A. Use the UIS Password Management Application, which is browser-based and can be accessed from any computer worldwide.

Q.  Should I periodically change my password?  How often?

A.  Yes.  It is a good idea to change your password periodically.  We recommend that you do so at least once every 3-6 months to help maintain your own security.