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1 June 2017

Invitation to the Vice-Chancellor's Impact Awards

We are delighted to announce that Professor Colleen McLaughlin will be attending the Vice-Chancellor's Impact Awards Ceremony on behalf of ERI on Thursday 13 July 2017.

ERI has been nominated for an Impact Award for their work in Kazakhstan and the contribution the team made to the development of education in the country. Working with a variety of stakeholders, from government institutions to universities, schools and teacher training centres, the impact of ERI's work can be felt as the nation progresses towards the goal of trilingual education.

30 May 2017

Completion of Students' Wellbeing Research Project

The "Interdisciplinary Intercultural Research on Wellbeing in Schools for Health", or Wellbeing Project for short, concluded today after 26 months of collaborative work between Cambridge University Faculty of Education and Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education. In a Thank You letter to the team, PI Dr Ros McLellan mentioned both the hard and often difficult work, as well as the fantastic data that was gathered.

Professor Carole Faucher from NU added: "This project will serve as a solid basis for initiating new ways to support the wellbeing of students of Kazakhstan and to increase the awareness on the need for more research in this area."