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ERI: Engaging Across the World

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Everywhere we see similar problems, but often the solutions are different. We are working together with our partners by sharing ideas, spreading inspiration and learning from each other.

The Education Reform and Innovation Team is working across the world to implement education reform.

We have worked in Kazakhstan since 2011 by supporting education reform through capacity building, teachers’ professional learning, and by conducting collaborative research projects.

In 2017 we collaborated with the Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education to explore the need and desire for education reform strategy formulation and change management in Niger State, Nigeria.

ERI team members undertook a scoping visit in Thailand to assess the professional development needs of and provision for teachers in the STEM area and help with setting up the proposed King Institute.

Recently we worked with Cambridge University Press to evaluate the impact new textbooks are having in Oman.

ERI has established links with Peking University in China to cooperate in the field of Early Years Education. Mutual scoping visits have been conducted.

In 2018, ERI’s Director Professor Colleen McLaughlin, Dr. Carol Holliday and Dr Martin Lytje have undertaken a project for the children’s charity Winston’s Wish. The project examined the experience of being bereaved in childhood, and how schools can support bereaved children. The team have undertaken a review of evidence as well as interviewed adults bereaved as children. The findings of this research into the immediate and long-term consequences of such losses for children can be accessed in these reports.

ERI is continuing to work with The City School, which is one of the largest private school systems in Pakistan, delivering educational development programmes and workshops.

Click on a link to find out more about our work in each country and how our Professional Development Programmes tie in to this work.