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ELPEC: Courses



Link between Teaching and Research

As part of its commitment to research intensiveness, the group is careful to ensure that its teaching is “research-driven”. That is, in their decision-making about teaching, group members are guided by two key precepts:

  • They are working with and assisting in the development of the next-generation of educational researchers
  • They are influenced strongly by the research findings of group colleagues, along with those of other leading scholars, in their choice of content and classroom learning activites.

Range of Provision

The ELPEC academic group contributes to a range of Faculty courses, at the Certificate, Masters and Doctoral levels. The main Masters level course taught by the group and to which many ELPEC members contribute is 'Educational Leadership and School Improvement', a specialist track in both the MPhil and MEd research degrees. This course encompasses a range of topics including leadership for learning, school and organisational leadership, education policy, evaluation, improvement and effectiveness.

The group has also developed significant and extensive partnership-based approaches to professional development with local schools and authorities.