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Educational Leadership, Policy, Evaluation & Change (ELPEC)


Develop your leadership. Research a new initiative in your school or college. Evaluate a national policy. Network with others leading educational change.

ELPEC FocusFocus

ELPEC is concerned to improve educational policy and practice.

The group is interested in: educational leadership; professional learning and development; school improvement and effectiveness; inequalities in learning and achievement; programme and school evaluation; strategies for educational change; and disadvantaged youth.

The group works across primary and secondary schools as well as further and higher education; its students come from schools of all types, colleges and universities as well as government organisations and support services.

Doctoral StudentsDoctoral Students

ELPEC’s research supervisors support a large group of doctoral students studying for PhDs and EdDs. The University offers a wide variety of scholarships and financial aid packages to support able and talented students. 

Recent doctoral students have come from all over the world including: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Palestine, Qatar, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Tajikistan, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the USA.

Masters StudentsMasters Students

Some ELPEC members run a highly successful Masters course on Educational Leadership and School Improvement (ELSI).  This can be taken over one year full-time (MPhil) or two years part-time (MEd). Find out more about the ELSI course.

Some ELPEC members are heavily involved in the new MPhil in Education, Globalisation and International Development. This course can be taken over one year, full-time.

Some of the group participate in the School-University Partnership for Educational Research (SUPER).  

Not quite sure what you want to do? Then read a bit more about our Courses.


ELPEC works with policy-makers and practitioners on some of the big issues in education such as:

• Leading Educational Organisations • Leadership for Learning • Educational Reform • Governance and Accountability • Student Voice • Resourcing Education • Judging School Quality • School Improvement • Educational Policy Analysis • Professional Communities • Educational Disadvantage • Teacher Leadership • Conflict Resolution • Vocational Education & Training.

Find out more about our research.


We are strongly committed to collaboration, fostering national and global networks and partnering with leading professional and scholarly communities.

Much of this work is carried out through Leadership for Learning: the Cambridge Network.

The School-University Partnership for Educational Research also collaborates with local schools; follow SUPER.