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Psychology and Education Themes' Supervisors

This list shows the broad topics for masters and doctoral thesis supervision offered by the psychology team.

Sara Baker Early years
Executive functions
Social cognition
Understanding of physics
Michelle Ellefson Executive functions
Causal reasoning
Science reasoning/learning
Early literacy
Julia Flutter Metacognition
Play and early development
Linguistic development
Children/young people's perspectives on teaching & learning
Influence of the learning environment
Christine Howe Children's language and communication skills
Peer influences - in and out of school (incl. collaborative learning)
Reasoning skills in middle childhood and adolescence
Ruth Kershner Sociocultural aspects of classroom learning and teaching
Inclusive pedagogy
Classroom dialogue, participation and learning (primary education)
Teachers' professional learning
Learning with ICT
Ros McLellan

Gender: achievement
Well being
Teacher professional learning & identity

David Whitebread Metacognition/self-regulation, executive function in young children
The development of memory
Play and learning
Liz Winter Stereotype Threat effects in adolescence
Social, sporting or other types of group identity
Widening participation in the study of Psychology and/or HE adult education
Jan Vermunt Student learning in higher education
Teacher learning and professional development
Learning in the professions
Metacognition and self-regulated learning