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Science, Technology & Mathematics Education

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The University of Cambridge Faculty of Education has one of the largest groups of science, technology and mathematics education researchers in Britain, with over 20 staff members active in research and a similar number of doctoral students. Senior members of the group play leadership roles in a range of national and international research organisations and journals. Our short video discusses the work of the STEM academic group.

Science Technology and Mathematics EducationThe group's core areas of interest and expertise are in the teaching and learning of mathematics and science at primary and secondary school levels, and the professional education and training of teachers working at these levels. There is also considerable interest and expertise in the use and integration of digital technologies in these and other subject areas. The group aims to undertake projects which make a significant contribution to both the research and professional fields, seeking to combine intellectual rigour and originality with concern for development of policy and practice.

As well as teaching specialist courses in the areas noted above, many of the group also contribute to the Faculty-wide programme of graduate research training. Members of the group employ a wide range of research approaches and are familiar with many educational systems around the world. Locally, they are involved with initiatives such as Cambridge Mathematics, NRICH online mathematics and the Cambridge Science Centre 

Since the formation of the new Faculty, the number of research students and postdoctoral researchers in the group has been growing. We welcome informal enquiries from prospective applicants whose research interests are well matched to members of the group offering supervision at these levels (as indicated by * on the Staff page). Potential applicants should visit our page giving general information for those interested in applying to join the group as research students.


The group holds regular seminars related to its key themes of Science Education, Technology & Education, and Mathematics Education. Forthcoming seminars are announced here, and a list of past seminars may be found here.


Our Library's new books about science, technology & mathematics education.

Academic Visitors

The group occasionally hosts formal visits from visiting scholars who are collaborating with members of the group. Please visit our page offering some outline information about being a visiting scholar in the science, technology & mathematics education academic group.

Survey on STEM education provision

If you are potentially a full time master’s student in some aspect of STEM education, then please could you spare a few moments to complete a very short survey for us? We would very much like to know more about the kinds of master’s courses potential students are looking for. This will help us think about planning future course provision. You can find the survey here. Thank you