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Science, Technology & Mathematics Education

Research Themes for Science Education

Science is considered a core component of the curriculum at school level and in higher education throughout the world. Science education is a well established field of scholarship concerned with teaching and learning in science and the distinct science disciplines. The Faculty of Education at Cambridge has a long-standing interest in science education spanning science teacher preparation and science curriculum development as well as classroom pedagogy and aspects of student learning and thinking in sincere subjects. Our interests not only encompass teaching and learning in the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics, but also broader issues relating to teaching and learning about the nature of science (teaching science enquiry, teaching how science relates to religion, gender issues), the application of pedagogy (for example, dialogic approaches to teaching and learning, application of new technology in science pedagogy) in science classes and the nature of student conceptual understanding and learning in science.

We would particularly welcome applications from potential graduate students interested in undertaking research projects related to

  • Conceptual learning and development in science
  • Constructivist and enquiry-based pedagogy in science
  • Pedagogical approaches in science teaching
  • Science teacher thinking and development
  • Student thinking in science
  • Student understanding of science concepts
  • Teaching and learning biology
  • Teaching and learning chemistry
  • Teaching and learning about the nature of science
  • Teaching and learning physics

However, Dr Keith Taber and Dr Mark Winterbottom welcome informal enquiries from potential students to explore their project ideas in any area of sincere education. You may wish to also visit our page giving general information for those interested in applying to join the group as research students.