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Faculty of Education Research Student Association

FERSA students

Welcome to Cambridge!

FERSA, the Faculty of Education's graduate student organisation, is here to help you. Each year we organise activities for graduate students, including parts of induction, our FERSA blog, formals, academic seminars, welfare events, and quite a bit more.

This year, we are working closely with faculty and there are a lot of things happening. You can look forward to many opportunities to get involved, including with our FERSA blog, student led skills exchange sessions, brown bag lunches, writing group on Wednesdays, our peer reviewed journal, CORERJ, and our annual Kaleidoscope conference and Oxford Exchange day.

Find Us and Join Us

Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates @fersacambridge.

We are also on Instagram with regular pictures of faculty and Cambridge life, also @fersacambridge. Send us your photos!

Or, if you prefer, follow us on Twitter @fersacambridge

Check out the FERSA blog at

If you have any questions, email us at

Information is always crossposted on our social media accounts, but keep updated on daily and weekly activity by following all of our social media and reading your emails.

We also need your help! FERSA needs people to join research committees, join the committees for our conference, journal, and exchange, and write for our blog. We also need help on the FERSA committee and would love to see you at open meetings this term.

The FERSA blog

If you are interested in writing for the FERSA blog or have ideas for future posts, please send us an email at

Kaleidoscope Conference

In June 2022 we held our 18th annual student conference, "Kaleidoscope 2022", which has become a staple of inter-university student collaboration in education research since its first edition in 2004.

The Kaleidoscope Committee is in need of volunteers and organisers! Please email for more information at This is always a big event and one everyone looks forward to every year.

Cambridge-Oxford Exchange

Our annual Oxford-Cambridge exchange seminar, co-organised with the Department of Education, University of Oxford, provides an opportunity for fellow students to meet and share insights and interests. This year we will be going to Oxford.

The Oxford Exchange Committee needs volunteers and organisers! Please email us for more information. This is a great opportunity to make some connections at Oxford's Department of Education and meet other education researchers.

Student Committee Reps

At the Faculty of Education, we have a student representative on the Teaching and Learning, Research, and Doctoral Management committees. These positions are yearly and require attendance at one meeting a term. If you are interested in sitting on a committee, please email us. Committee reps are elected as part our new board every year. If you have feedback for any of the reps, please email us and we will direct you to the appropriate person.

FERSA serves as a main liaison between faculty and students and we hope to work together to address any questions, needs, or concerns. Do not hesitate to email us or contact us individually.

Open Review Journal (CORERJ)

A few years ago FERSA began a pilot of the Cambridge Open-Review Educational Research Journal (CORERJ). This exciting student-led initiative aims to embrace emerging and innovative approaches to academic publishing in the digital age (i.e., open-reviewing), whilst maintaining rigour and professionalism. CORERJ will also feature abstracts and selected papers from the annual Kaleidoscope conference.

CORERJ is in need of volunteers! Contact us at or follow on Facebook @CORERJ21.