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Student Interviews

Comments from previous students

My practice has already changed because I feel energized intellectually and that makes me teach better; I stress perspective, conditionality and joint enquiry more strongly in my lessons because that is how I am finding I am learning myself.

It has been fantastic to engage with the research that can help us better understand the job we do.

This past year has been the most fulfilling as a Head in terms of my professional development. The fellowship and companionship of a diverse learning community has promoted some truly reflective and 'deep' learning. It has been time-consuming and uncomfortable on occasions, but as with anything that needs such an investment, it has been immensely rewarding.

The research I carried out for my thesis has enabled my school to reflect on our situation as a school in challenging circumstances and put things into place that will enliven our learning community and hopefully improve outcomes for our children.

Further comments from previous students further down the page.

Please watch the videos below to hear what our students say about the course. The videos feature full-time MPhil international students, and part-time MEd students working in the region. Along with headteachers and early career teachers the ELSI MEd group typically includes senior and middle leaders from schools, both maintained and independent; governors, FE lecturers and advisers/consultants have all also successfully completed the course.

Experience ELSI | MPhil perspectives | Amina and Danial

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Students Amina and Danial discuss their experience of studying on the ELSI MPhil course.

Experience ELSI | MPhil perspectives | Aya, Karen, Tania and Jeffrey

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Four students talk about their experience of studying for an MPhil at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education on the 'Educational Leadership and School Improvement' route.

Experience ELSI | A secondary headteacher’s perspective of the ELSI MEd course

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Helen a secondary headteacher talks about her experience of studying on the ELSI MEd course.

Experience ELSI | A primary headteacher's perspective of the ELSI MEd course

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Francis a primary school headteacher talks about her experience of studying on the ELSI MEd course.

Experience ELSI | An early career teacher’s perspective of the ELSI MEd course

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Sam an early career teacher talks about his experience of studying on the ELSI MEd course.

  • The strengths of the ELSI course lie in the high quality taught sessions (engaging, thought provoking and inspiring) and the quality of contribution from colleagues.
  • The support and advice which I received as a part time student surpassed all my expectations
  • This is one of the most challenging yet rewarding journeys I have ever embarked on!
  • A new sense of purpose and perspective on my profession: I feel as though I have been energised and enthused!
  • I have never regretted for one moment studying for my Masters alongside my teaching commitments. Yes, it is tough at times balancing various commitments but the pay off more than compensates.
  • Liberating, challenging, informative, absolutely inspirational and refreshingly different.
  • I found the discussions during the sessions (and outside too!) very useful in expanding my contextual understanding of education.
  • The realisation that my opinion is welcomed and challenged, rather than paid lip service and ignored, has been an incredibly encouraging, and humbling experience.
  • I now find that I am far less likely to accept the ‘received wisdom’ of innovation and new policies.
  • An excellent course to finish with many more questions that you had at the beginning but an overall sense of achievement and personal and professional improvement.
  • I have been given a wealth of opportunities at the Faculty beyond our regular sessions – everything from participating in critical forums, presenting at conferences and attending numerous talks and workshops.
  • The Faculty was a great place to study – the peace and beauty of the surroundings combined with the rigour of the academics is exactly what I was hoping for. It’s good to feel so supported.