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Postgraduate Study: PACES Progression to MEd

PACES progression to MEd Faculty of Education Cambridge

Overview of the course

Students who successfully complete 90 credits or above on the Faculty of Education's PPD programme (PACES) can apply to undertake the part-time Master of Education (MEd) in just one year. The PPD and MEd parts must be completed within 5 years of starting the PPD course.

We offer our students:

  • Access to outstanding research facilities;
  • The opportunity to work closely with specialists in their field;
  • A supportive, stimulating environment with excellent supervision;
  • A strong community or like-minded students who will provide mutual support

We aim to support our students to develop:

  • The capacity to analyse contemporary educational issues and practices using systematic and research led approaches;
  • Knowledge and understanding of current practices and outcomes of teaching and learning;
  • A critical understanding of research methods and methodologies for educational enquiry;
  • The practical, organisational and presentational skills necessary for the successful reporting of educational research.

Visa sponsorship for part-time study

If you are an international applicant wanting to study part-time it may be possible for the University to sponsor you for a visa. Please see our visa webpage for further details.

map routeChoosing your course:

The following courses are available for PACES-MEd students:

Please note: the Psychology and Education course is not available 1 year part-time, but can be taken as 2-year part-time courses. Please see the part-time study page for further information.

lecture talkingOur Research Methods Strand

Higher education is gaining momentum as a focal policy point in the international development agenda. Following its neglect in the Education for All framework and Millennium Development Goals, the post-2015 development goals includes a specific target on higher education, with a particular focus on achieving equality of access to higher education for all.

Our research aims to assess the current state of higher education and prospects for the future, with a particular focus on extending equitable access. 

clock timeSession Times

For all routes except Transforming Practice, sessions will start at 2pm on a Wednesday and continue to run through school half terms.

Transforming Practice students will follow an online model of work with up to 5 conferences, mostly on a Saturday. There is some variation in the duration of sessions across courses that meet on Wednesdays.

Please check the course pages for further details.

apply buttonHow to Apply

Applications for the PACES-MEd course are managed by the central Graduate Admissions Office and should be made using their online application form. During the admissions process you may also hear from the Faculty and your College.

Application form
The application form is a generic form used across the whole university for a number of programmes so some sections are not applicable to PACESM applicants - please view this step by step guide on what to submit on your application.

To apply for the PACES-MEd course, please go to the Course Directory. It is very important to select the correct course, as the application will be made directly to the course that you select.

To ensure that you find the correct course, please tick 'Masters' and 'part time' and put the title of your course in the filter box (for example 'Transforming Practice' or 'Mathematics Education'). You then need to make sure that you select the course with 'PACES entry only' at the end, which is the one-year part time PACES-MEd option of a particular course.

The 'How to apply' section of your course in the course directory will explain what documents you will need to upload.

  • You are not considered a 'continuer' for the purposes of this application and you should follow the instructions as if you were a new applicant.
  • It is not necessary to upload a transcript of your PPD course, but you should upload transcripts of previous qualifications.
  • If an interview is required they are usually conducted via a video web link such as MS Teams, Zoom or Skype.
  • Written task - You are required to complete a written task which may be discussed with you with a member of the course team. You must upload it along with your application documents. The written task can be found on the route page.

The Faculty is asked by the Graduate Admissions Office to make recommendations on applications for the MEd programme but all final decisions on admissions to these routes are made centrally by the Graduate Admissions Office.


Applications are considered in batches. Please check the course directory page of the course you wish to apply for.

Applications are considered in three batches; firstly after the 5th December 2023, then 22nd February 2024 and after the final application deadline of 16th May 2024.

It is possible that some applications from the first batch are held for consideration in the second batch. This route may fill up well ahead of the advertised closing date.

You are advised to apply by the December deadline if possible and if you are also applying for funding it is essential to have you application submitted no later than 1st December. We aim to make decisions on applications within 12 weeks of the applicable application batch deadline. 

studentsPersonal Supervision

One of the great strengths of studying at Cambridge is the level of individual support you will receive.

You will be assigned an expert in your field to guide you through your course. You will meet with them regularly to discuss progress and will be able to send them your work for feedback and advice.

The Faculty has around forty academic staff teaching on the Graduate programme offering a very wide range of expertise. PACES-MEd students are entitled to 4.5 hours of supervision.