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What our students say about EGID

Just before they completed their course, some of our EGID students explained what makes the Cambridge course unique and why they chose to study at the Faculty of Education.

you have this idea that its Cambridge and will I ever get in but the Faculty made the application process so comfortable

It wasn't just Cambridge deciding if I was right but also them convincing me that I should apply to Cambridge

they allowed us the freedom to find our own individual way of exploring the field

it makes you feel like you're doing something to make the world a better place

my supervisors were highly supportive and approachable, really amazing

the benefits of the Cambridge experience, the Faculty and College and being enriched by the whole environment

we've been equipped with an understanding of education and development allowing us to explore anything we are interested in

working and engaging with leaders on current issues in the field was phenomenal

my dissertation was a significant stepping stone in securing my Ph.D admission

the Faculty of Education is a great place for networking and making the right connections

the Faculty was an amazing environment and I worked with really amazing people

I'm focusing on teacher education and some pressing issues, I'll be able to use my research very directly

We've been encouraged to look at something that hasn't been explored and to contribute our own voice to our research work