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Student Profiles

Hege Soholt

Supervisor/Tutor: Tracey Fuller

Qualification gained:

Diploma in Child and Adolescent Counselling.

What was your research area?

Psychiatry and childhood disorders

What were the reasons for deciding to do the course?

I wanted to become a children's counsellor and receive the best training available.

Why did you choose Cambridge?

Initially I was looking for a course that focussed on children and I wanted to do a counselling course that was more academically challenging than the normal diploma level courses. I was excited about the strong research element of the Cambridge course and was pleased that it would lead to an MEd.

What have you gained from the course?

I am finding the course challenging both academically and personally, and am enjoying it. I feel that I am gaining a high level of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The course is well structured and the teaching is of a high standard.

What have you gone on to do having finished the course?

I am continuing on the the Masters in Education (M.Ed). At the end of the course I will be seeking accreditation and work as a school counsellor. My ultimate goal is to set up my own private practice.

If you are a mature student, did you find it difficult returning to studying later in your career?

I did. I left a secure and well paid job in order to pursue a new career. I have also had to relearn study skills.

How did you manage studying while also working?

I am currently juggling two volunteer jobs and a part-time job, but have more free time than the average student on the course. I have therefore found it manageable although studying can take up as much time as I have spare. You are expected to do a good degree of personal development which can be very demanding emotionally.

What impact has studying had on your professional life? Has it changed the way you work?

I am working in a completely new field and am finding this challenging and rewarding. I used to work in an office and so my life now is much more person focussed.

Is there anything further you would like to say to someone thinking of joining out PPD programme?

The Cambridge counselling course is enjoyably challenging and very rewarding, but can be emotionally demanding so requires a good degree of commitment and emotional maturity.