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Student Profiles

Claire Gale

Supervisor:  Gabrielle Cliff-Hodges

Qualification gained

Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Study (PCPS) in Planning for Innovation in the English Curriculum

What were your reasons for deciding to do the course?

A colleague and friend had done the equivalent in History the previous year and said how much she enjoyed it. I wanted the chance to share ideas and gain new ones and feel my practice could stagnate were I not constantly trying to develop it.

Why did you choose to do it at Cambridge?

I completed my PGCE at Cambridge and am now a subject mentor for the English course so I found out the course was running and was interested in it.

What have you gained from the course?

Many many good ideas to take back to school, plus renewed confidence that things I already do have some value.

What have you gone on to do having finished the course?

I am still waiting for the results of the course but I hope that the critical enquiry I've done might be suitable for publication and I certainly would think of writing for publication in the future having continued to develop my practise independently.

How did you manage studying while also working? How demanding was the course?

Relatively demanding given that three days of the course were all full day Saturday courses but they were thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding so it was no hardship to give the preparation and time.

What impact has studying had on your professional life?

Hopefully it will impact - it has certainly boosted my professional self-confidence.

Is there anything further you would like to say to someone thinking of joining our PPD programme?

Go for it! There is nothing more valuable than having the time and opportunity to discuss ideas with fellow practitioners.