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Student Profiles

Sean Balmain

Sean Balmain

Supervisor: Dr Michelle Ellefson

Qualification gained

Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Enquiry (PCEE). This was based round my current teaching practice in medical education, specifically in cardiology.

What were your reasons for deciding to do the course?

I wanted to focus my academic work to include educational research and had a strong personal interest.

Why did you choose Cambridge?

The course was very flexible and could be tailored to my own teaching practice.

What have you gained from the course?

A good basic understanding of educational research and an introduction to cognitive science.

What have you gone on to do having finished the course?

I plan to continue my postgraduate studies at Cambridge and will be enrolling on further modules to allow me to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Studies (PDES).

How did you manage studying while working?

As a cardiologist, study and research are an integral part of my work so the only issue was finding time to attend meetings at the Faculty. In this regard, the flexiliby of the PPD programme was very helpful. The workload was moderately demanding but most of it could be completed in my own time.

What impact has studying had on your professional life? Has it changed the way you work?

The course has had a significant impact on my professional life. I have recently taken a new post with more academic commitments that will allow me to continue my interest in educational research. I would strongly encourage anyone who is interested in educational research to join the programme.