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Commonwealth Intercultural Arts Network

CIAN Fora 2013

In this 2013 series of half day fora we collaboratively posed and provoked some of the most challenging questions about 'interculturality' and 'indigeneity' in the contemporary world.  Each Forum explored a particular theme related to intercultural arts practice, engagement and research perspectives and involved CIAN Fellows, invited guest contributors and members of the public. We aimed to engage in a range of reflexive activities designed to disrupt taken for granted assumptions and disable dualisms which take us to the heart of current debates around intercultural arts practice, policy, research and learning.  View CIAN fora photo gallery 1.

Forum 1: Mapping intercultural arts research
In this forum we set out to share and highlight important and emerging themes in intercultural creativities, intercultural arts research and literatures for the purpose of:

  • synthesising recent research projects
  • identifying effective forms of documentation
  • critiquing research methods
  • engaging with ontological conflicts
  • examining the role of digitalisation
  • exploring new media and ethical dilemmas
  • problematising language in its different expressions and traditions
  • representing potential misrepresentations

25 Sept 2013

CIAN Balloon

Forum 2: Documenting intercultural arts practice
In this forum we drew on and interacted with practical approaches to intercultural arts performance and performers’ richly personal accounts. The session explored new ways of engaging, documenting and interpreting intercultural practices, particularly musical improvisation, critiquing the phenomenological, psychological, sociological and cultural research approaches for the assumptions they bring to listening and observing, documenting and describing. We sought to enliven a shift in research perspective for the purpose of:

  • developing new culturally sensitive methods of documenting and analysing intercultural creativities and meanings
  • exploring intercultural Identity as assemblages
  • experimenting with the use of existing and development of new theoretical frameworks to interrupt the balance of privileged cultures
  • moving beyond binaries of margin and centre, colonised and colonisers
  • engaging performers as intercultural researchers and researchers as intercultural performers in a third pace that allows an interruption of these concepts and a reframing of their meanings
  • documenting the challenging of hegemonic messages that reinforce dominant culture
  • documenting interculturality as perceived, conceived, and lived and the negotiation of meaning and representation of the reframing of self as other.

2 Oct 2013

CIAN Balloon

Forum 3: Re-framing Interdisciplinary perspectives
In this forum we engaged with interdisciplinary perspectives on the understanding of intercultural practices for the purpose of:

  • engaging with epistemological diversity (i.e. what constitute the dominant, marginalised, new and different epistemologies)
  • exploring the interplay between inner and outer activities and 'in-between-worlds' (i.e. imagined reality between one's own and the reality of a different culture)
  • representing sources on intercultural epistemology
  • exploring how we construct 'interculturality' and 'indigeneity' across disciplines
  • engaging with diverse types of specialisation and the nature of disciplinary socialisation

9 Oct 2013

CIAN Balloon

Forum 4: Re-imagining intercultural approaches to pedagogy
In this forum we examined the role that 'interculturality' and 'indigeneity' play in our understanding of pedagogy. We will draw on indigenous, critical curriculum and feminist perspectives for the purpose of:

  • sharing successful and failed intercultural approaches to schooling
  • infusing new thinking and values into our teaching and learning
  • realising reflexively a more interculturally appropriate pedagogy
  • reimagining educational policy and practice

16 Oct 2013

CIAN Balloon