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ERI: Creating Knowledge & Impact

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Creating knowledge through research is one of the strengths and specialisms of our work.

Research Themes

Our key research themes focus on how reform impacts on educational policy, teacher training, classroom practice and student wellbeing in schools.

Creating Knowledge

Our research is disseminated regularly in scholarly publications and outputs.

Creating Impact

Our work in Kazakhstan illustrates how research carried out locally can have a major impact on educational reform in the region. The ERI research team involved in the Programme worked - in association with the Kazakhstan Ministry of Education, Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools and Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education - to contribute to the major research-informed reform of the education system in Kazakhstan. This research and development programme has attracted worldwide interest, from educational organisations as well as policy makers. Read more here for a better understanding of how our work has impacted on Kazakhstan's road to educational reform.

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