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ERI: People and Partners - Other Team Members

Faculty of Education

The Education Reform and Innovation Team includes many colleagues from other fields that have lend their expertise to our projects.

Dr Ros McLellan

Ros McLellan is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Education. She coordinates the School-University Partnership for Educational Research (SUPER) and has been working alongside SUPER school colleagues in Kazakhstan helping AEO NIS utilise the power of action research to develop practitioners as part of the IPD programme.

Another aspect of this work is coordinating an internship programme enabling AEO NIS practitioners to spend time in SUPER schools. She is a member of the team examining educational reform. Her research interests include teacher learning and development, wellbeing, achievement motivation, self-efficacy and creativity.

Ros was the Principal Investigator for the Institutional Links Wellbeing Project in collaboration with NU to investigate students' wellbeing.  

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Dr Fay Turner

After nearly 20 years as a primary school teacher, Fay Turner moved to the university where she taught and led courses in initial education of primary school teachers. She later directed school-based programmes for new primary and secondary school teachers (Graduate Teacher Programme) and then programmes for in-service teachers (Postgraduate Professional Development). Alongside her professional work, Fay completed a Master’s degree in Primary Education and then a PhD which focused on developing primary mathematics teaching. This developed Fay’s interest in educational research and in particular is using collaborative school-based research to enhance teacher learning. Between 2011 and 2015, Fay jointly led the Faculty’s teacher professional development work in Kazakhstan. Her most recent research focused on understanding trainer and teacher learning in the Kazakhstan Center of Excellence professional development programme. 

Fay's main interest is in the professional development of teachers, particularly in relation to teacher knowledge. Her PhD involved a developmental research project in which teachers used the Knowledge Quartet framework as a tool for developing mathematical content knowledge. Fay is also interested in promoting the professional development of teachers through supporting communities of enquiry within schools and groups of schools.

Dr Elaine Wilson

Elaine Wilson is a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Education and is a Fellow of Homerton College. She teaches on the PGCE, Masters and EdD programmes and supervises PhD students.

For the Kazakhstan Project, Elaine compiled the three level programme course materials and together with Fay Turner in 2011 collaborated to set up the Center of Excellence programm. She also has been involved in coordinating the Astana based training of trainers. Since 2012 Elaine has been working on an additional head teachers development programme. In 2014 Elaine embarked on a detailed research study of the impact of CoE programmes, which has included developing the research capacity of the CoE Astana based team. More recently Elaine has developed a research methods training programme for NIS research strategy teams.

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Dr Mark Winterbottom:

Mark has been a lecturer in science education at the Faculty for the last nine years; he trains science teachers on the Secondary PGCE course, he is senior examiner on the Secondary PGCE, and teaches and supervises on the Masters in Education for science teachers.

He has authored a number of textbooks, and books for teachers, and delivers professional development courses for teachers in the Middle East and South Asia. Before becoming a lecturer, Mark was head of biology at an upper school in the East of England.

Mark’s research interests include teacher education, use of new technologies in the science classroom, and classroom environment.

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