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Cambridge International Examinations

One long-term change that has come out of this is that the staff team are all working towards collective goals. Prior to this project, we were working quite independently of each other. We were ready to set some new priorities, with learning and leadership in focus.
Karen Bottger, Vice-Head of International Department, NGG International School, Denmark

LfL has been working in partnership with Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), itself another part of the University, since 2012 to establish a Cambridge Schools Leadership for Learning Community.  

The initial project supported seven CIE schools in four countries (Malaysia, New Zealand, Denmark and The Netherlands) in their endeavour to improve professional practice and enhance student learning. It was designed as a pilot and ran between 2012 and 2014.

This second phase involves 14 schools from 10 countries (see map below). Following a launch conference in Cambridge in September 2015, they will be supported by the Faculty research team and their critical friend to work with the LfL framework and principles to establish school development projects. The community will share and reflect on this process online over the next 22 months working with the CIE Professional Development platform.

CIE LfL Project Map

Participating schools share a desire to:

  • review, question, and develop their professional practice, especially in relation to leadership and learning
  • use and contribute to research about leadership for learning
  • participate in networking


Networking is possible for the schools both in real time through webinars and on the online CIE platform.

Each school identifies its own focus for development, picking up on a particular element of the LfL framework which they are sharing within the network as the project progresses.

CIE is delighted to be working with the Faculty and supporting our schools improve practice through the leadership for learning framework. CIE is increasingly becoming involved with supporting educational school improvement initiatives beyond our traditional assessment and curriculum speciality. We are also committed to supporting the Faculty to gather and disseminate research based best practice.

Tristian Stobie, CIE Director, Education.

The Centre for Commonwealth Education supported the research and development elements of the first stage of this programme.

LfL - the Cambridge Network