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Leadership for Professional Learning

Common Challenges, Shared Solutions

The Leadership for Professional Learning (LfPL) international symposium was held on the 17-18th of June, 2019 at the Moller Centre in Cambridge.

This wonderfully successful event was an opportunity to share innovations, research and dilemmas, and to contribute to a range of professional and academic outputs, through collaborative and supportive dialogue. Taking the view that leadership is an activity that can be exercised by anyone, regardless of status, this symposium convened a diverse, international group of 100 fully engaged educational leaders.

The outcomes are being worked on and will be posted here on this page. A snapshot of the symposium can be seen in this short film:

LfPL video

Overview of the symposium

The two-day symposium was structured in focused strands to allow preK-12 educators, school and system leaders, academics and political thought leaders an enriched experience that will inform their work. Furthermore, the symposium was a working session in which participants were expected to host a dialogue; bring an artefact, document, or other material to contribute to that dialogue; and participate in other dialogues within up to two selected symposium strands.

Symposium strands

  1. Focussing on, and conditions for professional learning
  2. Dialogue, professional learning and leadership
  3. Shared leadership and mutual accountability
  4. Student learning and leadership
  5. Leadership within a virtual learning space

Working in partnership

The symposium built on work by the three lead organising partners: The University of Cambridge Leadership for Learning Network, The University of Florida Lastinger Center for Learning, and 'Professional Development in Education' international journal.

To find out more you can visit http://LFPLSYMPOSIUM.ORG. LfPL participants, you can access ongoing work through the password protected Artefacts Page.

LfL - the Cambridge Network