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REAL: Education Financing in Pakistan

education text and pencilFinancing of Education in Pakistan

Project summary

The Oslo Education Summit in July 2015 aims at mobilizing a strong and renewed political commitment to reach the 58 million children who are still being denied their right to education and to strengthen learning outcomes for children and young people of all ages.

The Oslo Declaration will be based on inputs resulting from a broad constituency and academic consultation, including a background paper from the Brookings Institution on opportunities for international action to improve access and quality of education for all children. The report will pay particular attention to how challenges of effective mobilization and use of all resources can be overcome in specific contexts such as emergencies.

The country case study on Pakistan provides an input into this paper, highlighting the particular financing challenges facing a country with the second largest number of children out of school and very low levels of learning.

Research team:

Professor Pauline Rose

Dr Rabea Malik

Funder: Norwegian Government

Duration: April 2015-July 2015


Malik, R. and Rose, P. (2015) Financing Education In Pakistan: Opportunities for Action. Country Case Study for the Oslo Summit on Education and Development.


Can Pakistan afford quality education for all its children and young people?

Media article:

Scarcity of funds behind crisis in education sector, says report - Dawn 12 July, 2015

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