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ARCHIVE: This material is no longer maintained and should be viewed for reference only

Phase 1 of this project, based in Sub-Saharan Africa, focused on understanding how primary age pupils acquire sexual knowledge, in what contexts and how this relates to the HIV education received in schools. The second phase (2011-12) expanded the research to encompass six countries and used consultation and dialogue with community members and pupils to establish a locally based curriculum development process for HIV education.

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ASKAIDS Project 1: 2008-2010

ASKAIDS Project 2: 2010-2012

Consulting Pupils Toolkit

A key output of ASKAIDS Project One was the production of a Toolkit for consulting pupils which can be used to inform curriculum development. The Toolkit is available online at  

Project Poster

ASKAIDS project 2010 conference poster (jpeg)As part of the Centre for Commonwealth Education Summer Conference held in Mauritius (June 2010), the team produced a poster summarising the initial phase of the work and giving a general feel for the project context and participants. The poster is available for download.