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ARCHIVE: This material is no longer maintained and should be viewed for reference only

Research and development team

Sara Hennessy (University of Cambridge), Susan Crichton (University of Calgary), Azra Naseem, Institute for Educational Development [IED]-Pakistan, and Brown Onguko, Vincent D Shirao, Susan Namalefe, Peter Kajoro, Leonard Wamakote and Apollo Abungu (all at Aga Khan University, Institute for Educational Development [IED]-Eastern Africa).

Collaborative activities

Our activities included:

  • conducting a literature review on uses of ICT in primary and secondary schools and teacher education institutions in African Commonwealth countries, with a particular focus on East Africa, in order to inform our research and professional development work [Lit review full version (121 pp), Lit review overview 2008-2009 (2 pp), Lit review longer paper (10 pp)].
  • increasing IED-EA Faculty capacity for integrating ICT into their teaching and learning through an extensive programme of supported and sustained professional development, ultimately working towards developing more courses and materials employing distance and online/blended learning
  • evaluating the impact of this intervention through ongoing action research (Professional development overview 2009-09)
  • setting up a new Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning Centre at IED-EA
  • exploring use of online tools for research collaboration; documenting existing practice, evaluating benefits of different tools and developing strategy to facilitate future team collaboration (Collaborative tools overview 2008-09)

See also Learning Is an SMS Away: Mobile Phones in Education; Aga Khan Development Network

Jangwani School Tanzania CCEChild at blackboard in Tanzania

Children at computer screen in Tanzania