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Kazakhstan Programme: Reforming ITE

Reforming Initial Teacher Education 


In 2016, a partnership in a field of education and cooperation was established by ERI between Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University (Kazakhstan) and the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education.

The aims of the partnership are:

  • To provide CPD courses to the schools principals, teachers, and inspectors from Kazakhstan.
  • To conduct joint educational research projects which relate to school management, classroom teaching, teaching evaluation, CPD and others.
  • To support schools in Kazakhstan and in the UK in establishing partnership and conducting jointly beneficial activities.
  • To collaborate and share practice with a view to the development of practice around teacher education in Kazakhstan
  • To collaborate and share knowledge on the use of textbooks and other resources in teacher education in Kazakhstan
  • To organise joint international educational conferences.


In 2015 a collaborative research team from the Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education and the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education looked at the nature of pre-service teacher education in Kazakhstan and its fit with the changing curriculum and changing approaches to the professional preparation and development of teachers.

The research team offered the key issues and recommendations that have arisen out of the research. Read More

Publications about ITE in Kazakhstan:

  • McLaughlin, C., Yakavets, N. & Ayubayeva, N. (2017). ‘Initial Teacher Education in Pedagogical Institutes in Kazakhstan: Debates and Issues’. In In Hartley, M. & Ruby, A. (Eds.), Higher Education Reform and Development: The Case of Kazakhstan.pp.83-106, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press
  • Yakavets, N. Bridges, D., Shamatov, D. (2017). On Construct and the Construction of Teachers’ Professional Knowledge in a Post-Soviet Context’, Journal of Education for Teaching: International Research and Pedagogy.Vol.43, Issue 5.