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ERI: Countries - Niger State

Classroom of secondary school Niger State

For the initial phase of education reform in Niger State, the largest state in Nigeria, ERI worked with MRL consultants on a baseline survey in the state to establish the needs in terms of infrastructure in schools and to gain basic data on the educational system.

In addition, together with the Cambridge Judge Business School, ERI participated in a conference and stakeholder consultation with 100 participants in Niger State, which focused on a number of key issues:

  • what makes a good school;
  • the development, management and leadership of schools;
  • the tipping point of leadership;
  • and managing change and enlisting support.

This visit confirmed the need for further fieldwork research and the following key areas identified previously:

  • the centrality of teachers;
  • initial teacher education;
  • professional learning;
  • and teacher development.

We have also worked with MRL and the Niger State Government on the strategic plan for Phase 2 of the reform project.