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ERI: Engaging - Professional Development


The Education Research and Innovation Team aims to support teachers and teacher educators in developing pedagogical skillsets and leading educational change in the 21st century.

Observing and participating in the education system of a different country will better enable educators of different levels to recognise both positive and negative characteristics of their own system and to consider how to build on these. Through our professional development programmes, we equip individuals with new skills and depths of understanding that will support continued well-informed innovation.

Our on-going Professional Development Internship Programme offers opportunities to consider issues of curriculum, pedagogy and leadership in detail and in relation to particular subject specialisms.

The aim of the Ukraine Higher Education Leadership Development Programme was to learn about best practices in university governance, leadership, education reform and student representation.

The Education Reform and Innovation Team sees continuing professional development as a key factor to education reform and is always interested in new opportunities to develop similar programmes.