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The Future of Teaching Seminar

2012 Seminar – The Future of the Teaching Profession


A Record of the Discussion at the event is available as a pdf.

The Future of the Teaching Profession, by John MacBeath 2012.
Read online or downloaded as a pdf.

Further connections: OECD Innovative Learning Environments and EI news

Presentation Podcasts

Introduction by John Bangs and Peter Gronn. Keynote presentation by John MacBeath
Further formats for download

State of Nations with Guntars Catlaks, Dirk van Damme, David Frost
Further formats for download

Getting the Measure of Teaching with John MacBeath, Peter Dahler-Larsen, Kristen Weatherby
Further formats for download

Towards a Professional Future with John Bangs, Gordana Miljevic, Philippa Cordingley, Nina Bascia, David Istance
Further formats for download

Closing Remarks with Mary Metcalfe, David Istance, David Edwards and John MacBeath
Further formats for download

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