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Our approach has always been to develop relationships and establish partnerships. We build by networking both online and face to face on this and by travelling to distant places and hosting visits here in Cambridge. Our goal is to nurture and extend the dialogue through which knowledge is created and subjected to the test of practicality.

LfL welcomes invitations to design study tours for groups interested in our work and partners. Recent visitors included senior officers in the Hong Kong Government department of the Education Bureau who spent time with colleagues from Children’s University and the Somerset based Learning to Lead project.

LfL has built the following relationships:

Offering resources

Cambridge Education T-TEL logo Materials development adviser, Transforming Teacher Education and Learning (T-TEL), Ghana
Reflective Teaching Reflective Teaching As an expert site linked to Reflective Teaching, an online resource and book series edited by Andrew Pollard.
ORBIT ORBIT Logo LfL resources as source for professional learning materials on OER4Schools (Open educational resources for schools)

Connecting ideas & organisations

Cambridge Seminar Series

OSF Logo



As coordinator and host for an international seminar series on teachers’ professional growth with colleagues OSF, OECD and EI.
LfL Supper Seminars Belmas Logo Host for supper seminars programme supported by BELMAS that provides forum for practitioners, academics and policy people to meet and debate key topical issues.

Partners on student & teacher leadership and educational development programmes

Centre for
Commonwealth Education
CCE Logo Developing leadership capacity of headteachers throughout Ghana.
Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) CIE Logo

Building and supporting a network of schools working collaboratively with a focus on leadership and school improvement via CIE's new platforn focused on leadership and school improvement.

Children's University Children's University Logo

Programme evaluator for this UK organization with increasingly international links

HertsCam Network HertsCam Logo A Hertfordshire-based charity developing ‘non-positional’ teacher leadership with schools partners in county.
International Teacher Leadership Initiative, Open Society Foundations & Centre for Education Policy Belgrade

ITL Logo

OSF Logo

Sharing ideas, tools and strategies developed through HertsCam with colleagues across the world.

Researching LfL principles & practice

Griffith University Griffith University Logo Members of the original Carpe Vitam team based at Griffith University and working with LfL to explore how ideas have travelled.

LfL are privileged to work with:

British Educational Leadership, Management and Administration Society (BELMAS)
Centre for Commonwealth Education (CCE)
Centre for Education Policy, Belgrade (CEP)
Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination (CCI)
Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)
Children’s University (CU)
Education International (EI)
Griffith Institute for Educational Research, Brisbane, Australia
Headteachers’ Roundtable
Institute of Public Affairs, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland
The HertsCam Network
Institute for Educational Planning and Administration, University of Cape Coast, Ghana (IEPA, UCC)
Netherlands Ministry for Education
Open Society Foundations (OSF)
Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD)
University of Cambridge Festival of Ideas
University of Iasi, Romania
University of Minho, Portugal

Past collaborations and projects can be explored here.

LfL - the Cambridge Network