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Graduate Study: PGCE Progression to MEd

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This course option is only offered to University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education PGCE graduates

Trainees who successfully complete all examined elements of the Cambridge PGCE course can apply to undertake the part-time Master of Education (MEd) in just one year. If you completed your PGCE at another institution please view our 2 year part time MEd courses pages.

PGCE trainees can decide if they wish to:

(a) go straight on to the MEd in the Michaelmas term following completion of their PGCE or

(b) take a maximum of a 2 year gap between completing the PGCE and starting the MEd.

Trainees must complete the MEd within three years of successfully completing their PGCE.

We offer our students:

  • Access to outstanding research facilities;
  • The opportunity to work closely with specialists in their field;
  • A supportive, stimulating environment with excellent supervision;
  • A strong community or like-minded students who will provide mutual support

We aim to support our students to develop:

  • The capacity to analyse contemporary educational issues and practices using systematic and research led approaches;
  • Knowledge and understanding of current practices and outcomes of teaching and learning;
  • A critical understanding of research methods and methodologies for educational enquiry;
  • The practical, organisational and presentational skills necessary for the successful reporting of educational research.

map routeChoosing your course:

You should select a course from the list below that reflects your current and future interests:

The Psychology and Education, Educational Research or Counselling routes are not available as 1 year part-time PGCE-MEd courses, but can be taken as 2 year part-time courses.

lecture talkingOur Research Methods Strand

The research strand covers a broad range of social science research methods and is essential for Masters level understanding and critical engagement with the research literature in many specialist areas and in education more generally. It offers opportunities and encouragement to apply the knowledge gained to your thematic area, and vice versa. Masters students on the majority of routes are required to attend a generic research methods strand, taught across thematic routes.

Please note - Educational Research and Researching Practice routes do not attend, they have their own alternative Research Methods arrangements.

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Session Times for the Thematic Courses

For all courses, except Researching Practice, sessions will start at 2pm on a Wednesday and continue to run through school half terms. Researching Practice students will follow a weekly online model of work with up to 5 Saturday conferences. There is some variation in the duration of sessions across courses that meet on Wednesdays. If you require further details, please see the course pages above or contact the course coordinator.

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How to Apply

Applications for the PGCE-MEd course are managed centrally by the Graduate Admissions Office.

Applications are considered in batches; the first batch after the 7th December, then after the 31st January, 29th March and 31st May (official application deadline). Some routes fill up well ahead of the advertised closing date. You are advised to apply by December of the year prior to when you wish to start.

During the admissions process you will also hear from the Faculty and your College. Please view this PGCE to MEd Admission process overview for further information about what to expect from each department and who to contact for specific queries.

The Faculty is asked by the Graduate Admissions office to make recommendations on applications for the MEd programme but all final decisions on admissions to these routes are made centrally by the
Graduate Admissions office. The application form is a generic form used across the whole university for a number of programmes so some sections are not applicable to PGCEM applicants.

You will be given access to a self-service account please ensure you note your email address correctly and check for updates regularly as important information and actions will be sent you periodically. You are responsible for checking what actions and information is required to submit via your self-service account - please check you can access regularly.

Please note the following:

To apply for the PGCE-MEd course, please go to the Course Directory. It is very important to select the correct course, as the application will be made directly to the course that you select. To ensure you find the correct course, please tick 'Masters' and 'part time' and put the title of your thematic route in the filter box (for example 'Researching Practice' or 'Arts, Creativity and Education'). You then need to make sure that you select the course with 'PGCE entry only' at the end, which is the one-year part time PGCE-MEd option of a particular route.

You are not considered a 'continuer' for the purposes of this application as you are previously registered as a 'postgraduate' and not a 'graduate'. You should follow the instructions as if you were a new applicant.

It is not necessary to provide references. However, the form does require you to fill in some details here. Please fill in the details of your PGCE personal tutor and one other of your PGCE tutors but DO NOT complete the email details for them, instead tick the box as though the referee has no email address. This will mean that they are not contacted so you do not need to worry about approaching them first.

It is not necessary for Faculty PGCEM applicants to submit transcripts, academic references or full research proposals as part of the application. However a suggested research topic/ area is useful to note for the academic team when reviewing your application for supervisor allocation.

Please complete the ‘Course specific questions’ located on page 3 of the application. These questions assess your suitability for part-time study at the Faculty and are a condition for acceptance. Your application can not be considered until this information is entered. Please ensure you have viewed the attendance requirement for the course you wish to apply for as you will be asked to confirm you have read these as part of the part –time suitability– this is available to view on respective link to course pages above.

Since PGCE students are not eligible for any funding competitions (on page 6 of the application), please tick the box saying that you do not wish to apply for these.



Applications from students who wish to commence the PGCE-MEd in September/October 2019 will open in October 2018. Please do remember that university regulations will only allow for a maximum two year gap between completing the PGCE and starting the MEd.

  • The deadline for 2019-20 registration is 31st May 2019 - but some routes may fill up and close earlier than this. Please check the course pages above for further information.
  • Applications are considered in batches; the first batch after the 7th December, then after the 31st January, 29th March and 31st May (application deadline). You are advised to apply by December of the year prior to when you wish to start.
  • The Faculty will not accept applications submitted after the deadline and can not offer further places once a route is full.

studentsPersonal Supervision

One of the great strengths of studying at Cambridge is the level of individual support you will receive. You will be assigned an expert in your field to guide you through your course. You will meet with them regularly to discuss progress and will be able to send them your work for feedback and advice. The Faculty has around forty academic staff teaching on the Graduate programme offering a very wide range of expertise. PGCE-MEd students are entitled to 4.5 hours of supervision.

Further Questions

If you have any further queries regarding your choices, how to register or any general PGCE to MEd queries please contact Lisa at