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Early Career Teachers

It's wonderful that you are still so supportive of your trainees after they've left and I always feel re-energised after my visits.

PGCE students

Ongoing Support

'I completely understand you’ve got a hugely busy life and I’m not one of your PGCE students anymore but thanks again so much for the kind, reassuring, and helpful reply, as well as for offering your time.'

The Course Managers and Teaching Team maintain regular communication with former trainees to support Early Careers teachers in their professional development. Examples of this support include continuing access to Moodle, regular announcements for Early Career Teachers about Faculty events and CPD opportunities, access to Faculty course support and ongoing behaviour manager access.

Alumni sign

Cambridge Alumni Society

'Although we only study for a year on the PGCE, the knowledge and ideas given alongside the support from Faculty members means that the impact will last for many years to follow.'

As soon as you matriculate at Cambridge, you become a lifetime member of the University. The University provides a number of benefits and services to all alumni.

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