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My Cambridge PGCE

pgce students

My Cambridge PGCE

When you're thinking about which PGCE course to choose, it's really helpful to hear from other students who can give you first-hand views and experiences. We asked trainees just completing the programme to look back and reflect on their time here, as well as hearing from current students in the midst of their teaching placements, lectures and essays. We hope you find their comments useful.

PGCE blogs

These short diaries give you a chance to check in on our trainees as they progress through their course. We'll be adding more blogs throughout the year.

My Cambridge PGCE | Blog

PGCE videos

We caught up with the 2017-18 PGCE trainees as they finished their course and prepared to head off to their first teaching jobs. Check our these short films to hear more about the course from a student perspective.

My Cambridge PGCE | Videos

My Cambridge PGCE