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If you require confirmation of your attendance and study at Cambridge, please contact:

Student Registry
University of Cambridge
The Student Services Centre
New Museums Site


This office will issue a certificate of academic record or 'transcript'. Please note that this document will provide only basic details of your PGCE course but it may be sufficient for confirming the dates of your course, your qualification, teaching subject and age-range. A modest fee is charged for a certificate of academic record, with a small additional fee for further copies ordered at the same time.

You can also contact Student Records and Administration if you require another copy of your PGCE certificate. There is again a small charge for this. For further information and a link to download the order form for certificates and transcripts, click here.

The academic record provided by Student Records and Administration is unlikely to be sufficient to evaluate your PGCE qualification as suitable for qualified teacher status in an overseas country [e.g. Canada, New Zealand and Australia]. The Faculty of Education is able to provide a more detailed transcript of your PGCE course giving details of the subjects and number of hours of study, number of days in school and confirmation of our recommendation for the award of Qualified Teacher Status. The fee for this transcript is £30. If you require a transcript of this nature, please contact the PGCE Office at the following address, or download a request form.

PGCE Transcript Request email:

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