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Past LfL Supper Seminars

  • Robin Alexander, Director of the Cambridge Primary Review, From 'a state theory of learning' to accountable autonomy: how can it be achieved?, 2010.
  • David Hargreaves, Associate Director for Development and Research for the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT), Can the new technologies transform learning?, 2009.
  • Ciaran Sugrue, Faculty of Education, The Centre for Commonwealth Education (CCE): Leading an Epistemic Imperialism or a Polyphonic Dialectic?, 2009.
  • John Bangs, Assistant Secretary of Education, Equality and Professional Development, National Union of Teachers, Personality, Agency and Chance in Educational Policy Making, 2009.
  • John Gray, Faculty of Education, Adolescent Well-being and School Experiences: a problematic relationship?, 2008.
  • Lesley Saunders, Senior Policy Adviser for Research, General Teaching Council and a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Education, London, Towards Core Principles of Pedagogy, 2008.
  • Alan McMurdo, Principal, Thomas Deacon Academy, Peterborough, Convergence and Transformation, 2008.
  • Pete Dudley, Director, National Primary Strategy, The National Primary Strategy: Aspirations and Challenges, 2007.
  • Maurice Galton, Faculty of Education, Personalised learning or personalised schooling?, 2007.
  • John MacBeath and Sue Swaffield, Faculty of Education, Schools Facing Exceptionally Challenging Circumstances, 2007.
  • Kate Myers, Teachers Behaving Badly, 2006.
  • Maurice Galton and John MacBeath, Faculty of Education, The Costs of Inclusion, 2006.
  • Led by John MacBeath and based on an article by Andy Hargreaves, Sustainable leadership, 2006.
  • Ken Boston, Chief Executive, QCA, 2005.
  • Carol Adams, Chief Executive, General Teaching Council (England), Teachers as leaders of learning, 2005.
  • Tom Bentley, Director, DEMOS, 2005.
  • Mick Waters, Director Curriculum Division, QCA, 2004.
  • Tom Wylie, Head National Youth Agency, 2004.
  • David Hopkins, Head of Standards and Effectiveness Unit, DfES, Towards a high equity, high excellence education system: issues for school leaders, 2003.
  • John Bangs, Assistant Secretary, National Union of Teachers, Policy with the gloves off, 2003.
  • David Normington, Permanent Secretary, DfES, The Leading Question: School Leadership and Transformation, 2003.
  • Bob Doe, Editor, Times Education Supplement, Leading locally in a centrally-led system, 2002.
  • David Bell, HMCI, Inspecting our schools, 2002.
  • Ralph Tabberer, Head, Teacher Training Agency, Leading our organisations, 2002.

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