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Research Projects

The Research undertaken by the Faculty fall into three main categories

Academic Groups

The broad areas in which the Faculty is active in research are shown by its five Academic Groups.

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Thinking Together

Featured Work

Thinking Together is a dialogue-based approach to the development of children's thinking and learning. It promotes children's awareness and use of talk as a tool for thinking. Read more

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BBC filming the 'mystery' of the metal chain fountain

13 April 2015

Why do chained metal beads rise up high above the rim of a pot as they fall to the floor? The BBC 'One Show' crew filmed Steve Moul...

A gold standard for Primary Early Years' research, reflection and classroom practice

2 April 2015

This video, introduces the 4th Edition of 'Teaching and Learning in the Early Years' (Eds. David Whitebread & Penny Coltman), pu...

Low achievement should be tackled before children are born

26 March 2015

In a news article this week, Anna Vignoles, Faculty's Director of Research, describes how she believes below par attainment needs to...


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Enjoyment, achievement and motivation

Enjoyment, achievement and motivation through using War With Troy audio and teaching resources available fr...

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