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Journal of Teacher Traininee Educational REsearch

JoTTER is a web-based journal which publishes reports of research undertaken by graduate students in the Faculty as part of their PGCE course. The studies offer interesting insights worth sharing with other teachers, both new and more experienced. More.

Featured Work

Childrens literature

The Cambridge/Homerton Centre for Children's Literature's members have unique expertise in poetry, film and multimedial texts, including picturebooks, as well as in teaching and promoting writing for children. More.

Featured Work

 learning without limits

The Learning Without Limits project is dedicated to developing approaches to teaching and learning that do not rely on determinist beliefs about ability. More.

Featured Work

Interactive whiteboards & collaboration

Interactive Whiteboards and Collaborative Pupil Learning in Primary Science's website provides an insight into a research project focused on how primary school pupils use IWBs when asked to collaborate on science activities, More.

Featured Work

Thinking Together

Thinking Together is a dialogue-based approach to the development of children's thinking and learning. It promotes children's awareness and use of talk as a tool for thinking. More.

Featured Work

[Spotlight for Faculty News]

Lecturers and visitors often ask for their sessions to be recorded by our in house AV team. The recordings live on the University's Streaming Media Service, and select topics can be viewed at

Featured Work

Dialogue & interactive whiteboards

Using the IWB to Support Classroom Dialogue's website provides an insight into a project in which teachers and university researchers worked together to explore how the interactive whiteboard can be used to encourage dialogue and active learning in the classroom. More.

Featured Work

centre for commonwealth education

The Centre for Commonwealth Education is developing a programme of Leading Learning for School Improvement in the countries of the Commonwealth. The centre is funded by the Commonwealth Education Trust. More.

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12June PM Session 4

R&I Workshop video

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Academic Research Groups

Education, Equality and Development

EED specialises in the economics, history, philosophy and sociology of education and psycho-social research on aspects of education


African Students

Leadership for Learning

LfL have diverse research interests, and many international projects, particularly of interest is...



Psychology and Education

We bring the perspectives of cognitive psychology and socio-cultural theory to key issues in Education...


Child writing

Pedagogy, Language, Arts and Culture in Education

PLACE has a wide range of expertise in a diverse yet overlapping set...


Students with camera

Science, Technology and
Mathematics Education

STEM researches the teaching and learning of mathematics and...


African juniors at computer

Latest News

How do Children Learn History?

University Senior Lecturer, Christine Counsell appeared on Adam Smith's 'How do Children Learn History?' airing on BBC Radio 4 on ...

Fun at the Festival

The Faculty took part in the University's Science Festival on Friday 14 March 2014. During the day we welcomed 57 children aged 2 - 5 ...

Counselling MindEd, funded by Dept of Health, just launched in Westminster

This evidence based e-Learning programme contains modules authored by Carol Holliday, Tracey Fuller, Clair Lewoski and Fiona Peacock....

Elaine Wilson presented the Faculty’s position at recent Westminster Forum...

Elaine Wilson presented the Faculty’s position at the recent Westminster Forum: The future for Initial Teacher Training, teacher ...