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The Research undertaken by the Faculty fall into three main categories

Academic Groups

The broad areas in which the Faculty is active in research are shown by its five Academic Groups.

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Thinking Together

Featured Work

Thinking Together is a dialogue-based approach to the development of children's thinking and learning. It promotes children's awareness and use of talk as a tool for thinking. Read more

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Wide inequalities in learning in Pakistan and India

22 January 2015

Pauline Rose, Professor of International Education, returned recently from India and Pakistan where she attended launches of the Ann...

Learning shouldn’t be a competitive sport that only a few can succeed at

20 January 2015

James Biddulph, headteacher of the UCPS, was interviewed recently by the Guardian. James is leading the high-profile opening of the ...

The Future of Education: Evidence and Technology in the Classroom

12 January 2015

A policy debate presented by the Cambridge University Science and Policy Exchange on Thursday 22 January 2015.A growing number of te...


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Teachers in a rural school about DLG

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