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Psychology and Education Doctorals Completed

girls studying at desk

Completed Doctoral Research Projects

  • A socio-cultural perspective on Hong Kong primary teacher identities: their fractal selves
  • Becoming a reader in a digital age: Children's self-perceptions as they start school
  • Children's conceptions of the physical world
  • Children's emotion understanding and peer relationships
  • Classroom dialogue
  • Computer-mediated collaborative group work
  • Computer-mediated peer group discussion and learning
  • Croatian children's perceptions of scientific and religious education
  • Discussion skills in pre-school and school-aged children, including children with learning difficulties
  • Interrelationships in children's socio-cognitive development: the case of false-belief understanding.
  • Parents and children working together: an analysis of parent-child interactions during study-related activities and their impact on children's Self-Regulated Learning.
  • Peer group influences on social, personal and academic development
  • School transfer and adolescence
  • Self efficacy and social comparison in science
  • Self-explanation in children with learning difficulties.
  • Self-regulated learning and conceptual development in biology: a naturalistic study with primary school children.
  • The pathway of the heart: a study of the education of the emotions in pre-school settings in Cyprus.
  • The role of self-regulation in motor learning: exploring the self-regulated motor performance of children with developmental co-ordination disorder.