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Research Projects

WISE: women in social enterprises

WISE: Women in Social Enterprises

Latest Report

This project, funded by the University of Cambridge Arts and Humanities Research Fund, investigates the participation and representation of women in ‘start ups’ as epistemological sites. Are they a feminist space? This exploratory case study of Cambridge-based women social entrepreneurs aims to:

  1. gather women’s perceptions of what it means to creatively work in social start-ups;
  2. identify the crucial issues concerning gendered power relations among ‘start-uppers’;
  3. theorise how women experience gender politics while working in social ventures. Furthermore, our methodological aims include:
  4. developing a new form of scholarship and method of analysis of the embodied performativity of women as social actors, as they learn to fly (and re-define) the language of men in order to speak;
  5. advancing a theoretical framework towards the development of a larger study of women as innovative leaders, funded through a national proposal to an external body. Read more...

Sonic Pi Workshop

Sonic Pi

This joint project between Cambridge Junction, The Raspberry Pi Foundation and the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education effectively turns a Raspberry Pi computer into a fully customisable musical instrument using code for compositions, timbre and interaction.

The aim of the Sonic Pi project is to provide new routes for young people into digital music. The project is bringing together instrumental music teachers, school music and computing teachers, researchers, technologists and artists.

The resulting toolkit is a free, open source resource consisting of software, lesson plans, a set of short films, and works by artists.

Related links to Nesta and SonicPi.


MUSICEUM: Museums as spaces for early childhood music-making - a mapping exercise.

Latest Report

This is a scoping study in collaboration with Professor Jayne Osgood, University of Middlesex, London; Dr. Laura Huhtinen-Hilden (Metropolia, UAS, Finland; Dr. Jessica Pitt and Dr. Alex Elwick). Funded by the Faculty of Education Research&Development Fund.


BERA Research Commission

Reviewing the Potential and Challenges of Developing STEAM education through creative pedagogies for 21st century learning. BERA Research Commission Report

A collaboration with Laura Colocci-Gray at lead University of Aberdeen.

Funded by BERA.

Sonic Pi Workshop

Educational Aims and Values through Architecture

This is a funded seminar series which revisits radical pasts to make space for broader creative visions of education. The series involves keynote speakers responding respond to the 1969 papers from a special issue of the Harvard Educational Review. Full details.

Further Projects

Educational Aims and Values through Architecture: Revisiting radical pasts to make space for broader visions of education (Funded by the University of Cambridge Arts and Humanities Research Fund)

Sir Alec Clegg Revisited. 'Sir Alec Clegg Revisited’ was a one-year research project for the academic year 2016/2017 funded by a University of Cambridge Arts and Humanities Research Grant and based at the Faculty of Education. The project is led by Dr Catherine Burke. Lottie Hoare worked as the Research Assistant. The object of the project was to evaluate the significance for educational history and current practice of the career of Sir Alec Clegg (1909-1986)

The Music Commission: An initiative by ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) which aims to make an important contribution to the debate about supporting musical progression; one which leads to a step change in the policies, infrastructure, relationships and possible direction or quantity of funding needed to support and implement key Commission recommendations. Funded by ABRSM and supported by Arts Council England.

A Minute of Listening An evaluation by the Universities of Huddersfield and Cambridge. Funded by PRSF and Sound and Music, London.

Listen, Imagine, Compose (LIC): Teacher Education through Action Research. Funded by Youth Music, Teach Through Music, Sound and Music, Arts Council, London.

Developing STEAM pedagogies: A collaboration between UK, Australian, and EU universities (Grant building in process) (an ARC submission)

Hip Hop Research and Theory in Practice: an AHRC-funded network grant (in progress): a collaboration with Dr. Pete Dale (Manchester Metropolitan University, Simon Glenister (CEO Noise Solution), Dr.Elliot Gann (Today’s Future Sound, USA), Johan Soderman (co-author of ‘Hip-hop within and without the academy).