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Staff members and Associates of the group are listed below. Where possible, names are linked to personal profiles which contain contact details and further information about research and teaching activities. In the listing, a blue star (star) indicates those available to supervise research students.


Pamela Burnard

Professor of Arts, Creativities and Education
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Academic Staff

Catherine Burke

History of Education and Childhood
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Hilary Cremin

Reader in Education, Masters Manager
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Tyler Denmead

University Lecturer
Arts and Creativities in Education
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Mary Earl

University Lecturer, Secondary PGCE Course co-manager
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Carol Holliday

Senior Teaching Associate
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Ros McLellan

University Lecturer, Coordinator of Part-time Taught Courses
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Morag Morrison-Helme

University Lecturer
Drama & Arts Education Chair, College Liaison
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Bill Nicholl

University Lecturer, Secondary PGCE Course co-manager

Mandy Swann

University Lecturer
EY&P Education
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Elizabeth Rawlinson-Mills

University Lecturer
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Rupert Wegerif

Professor of Education
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Associate Members 

  • James Biddulph (UCPS Headteacher; interests in creative learning)
  • Elsa Lee (interests include arts-based research methodologies and environmental arts activism)
  • Tatjana Dragovic (interests in advancing leadership creativities and EdD work)
  • Susanne Jasilek (an artist-researcher with interests in advancing sustained creative futures)
  • Ruth Sapsed (CEO of Curiousity, Creativity and Imagination (CCI)
  • Frank Cornelissen (interests in educational innovation, network analysis and arts-based tools)
  • Joel Chalfen (interests in theatre and the arts)
  • Jenny Francis (interests in initial teacher education in music and the arts)
  • Sonia Ilie (interests in arts and creative industries, HE)
  • Fiona Peacock (interests in arts-based methods; creativity and counselling)
  • Julie Blake (poetry by heart; school poetry anthologies and arts-based research methods)
  • Liz Winter (interests in social identity research, widening participation in HE, curriculum creativities, social constructionism, atypical careers for women)

Doctoral Students - Current

Name Topic
Tom Bellfield Exploring the use of design as a means to generate and support conversations between individuals, within schools, about education.
Stephen Fairbanks  An autoethnographic study on 'Social Justice' through Music Education in the context of an American high school orchestra.
Julia Flutter Documenting the Evolution and Ecology of the Chartered College of Teaching.
Rebecca Heaton Researching artist teacher cognition.
Rachel Lai The study of Malaysian conceptions of nationalism and creativities in teaching Gamelan.
Afrodita Nikolova Developing a slam poetry programme for in transforming young offenders' identities in a Macedonian prison.
Allison Rowe

Investigating social practice art as mediated by and situated in institutional contexts.

Karolina Szynalska Exploring what insights an evolutionary approach to the subject of school design can afford policy makers, educators and architects.
Portia Ungley Critical thinking as commodity: Arts education in the TEF era.
Sarah Upjohn Rethinking prevention of playing-related injuries in elite young instrumental musicians
Mandy Winters Teaching and learning composing in the classroom.


Doctoral Students – Recently Completed

Name Topic
James Biddulph The co-construction of 'creative learning' in three ethnic minority immigrant children at home.
Rosie Burt-Perkins The construction of 'learning cultures' in music conservatoires.
Konstantinou Chrysovalentini The role technology in Cypriot primary music education.
Tara Coverdale Critical leadership versatility and directors' practices across diverse professional workplaces situated within the creative industries
Jean-Philippe Despres Expert improvisers' learning and creative processes.
Emma Dyer Where do beginner readers read in the English, mainstream primary school and where could they read?
Danai Giampili Exploring the use of participatory practices in Greek museum education through the prism of identity.
Anna-Marie Higgins Developing a pedagogic framework for teaching 'Music Concrete' creatively in secondary schools.
Lottie Hoare Secondary Education in BBC broadcast 1944-1965: drawing out networks of conversation and visions of reform.
Albhe Kenny Investigating communities of musical practice in Ireland.
Hsu-Chan Kuo An investigation of the perceived impacts of the programme of creativity and imagining the futures in Taiwanese education: Developing indicators for the evaluation of creative education programmes.
Wei Shin Leong Singapore teachers' conceptions and practices of assessment.
Tal-Chen Rabinowitch Developing a measure of empathy in children's group music making.
Frances Ragni (nee Shih) A Phenomenological enquiry of perceived mental representations in thematic musical improvisations: Case studies of two professional pianists.
Anna Wong Musical motivation and engagement with disaffected learners.
Christine Yau One-to-one pedagogical relationships in music conservatoire teaching.


Affiliate members and partners (External to Faculty)

  • Caroline Lanskey, Criminology department, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Satinder Gill, Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Lilia Giugni, Judges Business School, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Laura Colucci-Gray, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
  • Teresa Cremin, Open University, UK
  • Pat Thomson, University of Nottinham, UK
  • Elizabeth Mackinlay, University of Queensland, Australia
  • Dawn Bennett, University of Curtin, Western Australia
  • Peter Dale, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Peter Cook, Southern Cross University, Australia
  • Kristof Fenyvesi, Academy of Finland Research Fellow, Finnish Institute for Educational Research, University of Jyvaskyla
  • Anne Harris, RMIT University, MelbourneAustralia
  • Jayne Osgood, University of Middlesex, UK
  • Anna Hickey-Moody, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
  • Zsolt Lavicza, Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria
  • Tatiana Chemi, Aalborg University, Denmark
  • Xiangyun Du, Aalborg University Denmark
  • Sondra Horton Fraleigh, University of Utah, USA
  • Birgitte Bauer-Nilson, University of Copenhagan
  • Anna Wong, Hong Kong University
  • Rosie Burt, London College of Music
  • Ailbhe Kenny, Mary Immaculate College, Ireland
  • Tal Chen Rabinowitch, University of Washington, USA
  • Garth Stahl, University of South Australia
  • Wei Shin Leong, National Institute of Education, Singapore
  • Nerissa Taysom, ABRSM, London


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