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About Us

Arts and Creativities researchers

An interdisciplinary group of researchers from a range of academic and non-academic backgrounds

Who are we and what is our agenda

Arts and Creativities (AC) features an interdisciplinary group of researchers from a range of academic and non-academic backgrounds including arts, humanities and social sciences, as well as researchers working within education, training, policy, industry, activism and the media who problematise, pioneer and advance Arts research agendas as mediated through:

  • Social and cultural

    (re-)production of identities and arts practices (schools/classrooms; family/home; market/industry; arts learning, exploration of social and cultural values)

  • Cultural and creative industries

    (artists/artisans/teachers/researchers, learners and workers, communities and space, place, and materials;  corporeal and gender regimes, arts learning)

  • Political ecologies and economies

    (globalisation, place, and the economies relating to arts policies, arts practices, arts and creative pedagogies; new ways of knowing; new intra- and inter-actions between bodies, systems of affect, arts activism; engaging digital and social media platforms; arts and sustainability, training, development and therapy)

  • Knowledge systems

    (transformative learning, the rhizomatics of practice as research, onto-epistemology, interculturality, decoloniality, neoliberalism, posthumanism and the new materiality of place and language; trans/inter-disciplinary and post-disciplinary creativities)

To engage in this agenda we draw upon a broad range of arts, education, cultural, social and socio-cultural, socio-psychological and psychological, feminist and new materialist theories from different disciplines. These include:

  • design and technology
  • visual arts
  • music
  • drama
  • theatre
  • poetry
  • cultural studies
  • creative work in the cultural and creative industries
  • STEM-to-STEAM inter- and trans-disciplinary creativities
  • environmental education and studies
  • social anthropology
  • film and philosophy
  • gender studies
  • social justice