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Events and Open Seminars

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Arts and (Sciences) Creativities Research Group Monthly Series ‘Performing Research’ 2020/21

19.00-20.00 (Mondays/Tuesdays)

You are very welcome to join us for a special series of one-hour-monthly-zoom chats hosted by the Arts and (Sciences) Creativities Research Group.

Download the full event series for 2020/21

Given the tremendous success of the unique performative ‘Welcome Event’, where we hosted 60+ current and new members and where doctoral students and faculty members 'performed' their specialist research fields of poetry, magic, circus arts, sciences and writing, and rather than repeat our old model of seminars, we would like, with your help, to co-create a new vital model of online research sharings. The aims are:

  1. To bring together a transdisciplinary, international, inter-professional learning community
  2. To co-create a dialogic interactive space where an assemblage of diverse (yet connected) projects intersect and inspire discussion about performative research/methodology/ theory/ practice
  3. To critique the meeting of arts and sciences and share the unique welding and co-occurring of human (and other-than-human) creativities along with stimulation of scholarship and affect (and wellbeing enhancement) as a community
  4. To engage with me/we/re-search differently
  5. To capture the zeitgeist of each session, we will publish a rhizome or thematic summary with links to presenters research following each session

Next event: Monday 02 November 2020

The Performing Research Series for 2020/21

Monday 2 November 2020

How diffraction works and why posthumanism matters

Download event programme Kieran Sheehan: Vice-Principal, Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA)
Jayne Osgood, Jessica Ringrose and Emma Renold: Founders of PhEmaterialism, an international working group which shares a commitment to putting posthuman theories to work with the aim of addressing urgent issues of injustice
Annouchka Bayley: author of ‘Posthuman Pedagogies in Practice’

Monday 7 December 2020

Performing inclusion, interculturality and diversity research through arts

Jennie Francis and Mary Earl: researching embodiment through singing
David Rousell: RMIT University, Australia, researching environmental arts/climate adaption
Birgitte Bauer-Nilsen: choreographer of Yggdrasil Dance Company and arts activist

Monday 4 January 2021

(Academic) Writing for/through/in performance

A Collective performance from DRAW led by Professor Elizabeth Mackinlay, University of Queensland, Australia
Isabel Thomas authoring books on science for young readers

Monday 1 February 2021

Performing/Researching bodies: Perspectives from Circus Artists and Magicians

Alisan Funk: A/Professor of Circus, Stockholm University of the Arts.
Danilo Audiello and Antonia Symeonidou, The Academy of Magic and Science.
Kristof Fenyvesi,McGill University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
Mindy Carter: University Canada, applied theatre

Monday 1st March 2021

Poetry in Research and its Performance

Helen Johnson: University of Brighton: Poetic Collaborative
Hilary Cremin: poetry research
Tatiana Chemi: arts-based methods

Tuesday 6th April 2021

Performing/presenting visual art practices in teacher education

Tabitha Millett: with PGCE visual art students
Alan Cusack: Institute of Education, London: Sites of Conflict, Learning through the Archive
Kate Noble: Fitzwilliam Museum Senior Research Associate: Museum Learning Education

Tuesday 4th May 2021

Performing queer theory

Tabitha Millett: researching queering the art classroom
Kait Fenwick: poet and author

Monday 7th June 2021

Performing collective embodiments of theory/practice through

NEUF: film collective, performing the digital medium
Ghislaine Boddington: artist, curator, presenter, director, body responsive technologies, immersive experiences
Tatjana Dragovic: performing creative leadership