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Partner Schools

Bottisham Village College

The College was opened in 1937 as the second of the Cambridgeshire village colleges; these schools were the brainchild of the then Director of Education, Henry Morris: his vision was to provide a good quality of education for local children, but also to provide adult classes for local adults in the evenings and at weekends. Morris also had a passion for the Arts, and the colleges served as the local picture house, hall and theatre too.We are still proud of the concept of the village college, and we do all that we can to live up to Morris’s ideals: anyone who visits the college in the evening will usually find the car-parks full and the corridors buzzing with adults on their way to study, sing, act or do some welding. Bottisham 'is an outstanding college, where a very strong ethos of community, high quality learning and aspirational academic achievement exists throughout. One student commented: “Bottisham is inspirational. The college helps individuals to shape well, giving us the confidence, determination and skills to succeed.” (Ofsted, 2012).

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Dunmow Primary Consortium

Dunmow Primary Consortium is a group of 8 rural primary schools, close to Stansted Airport in Essex, that have worked collaboratively, to provide CPD for their teachers, thus enhancing outcomes for their pupils. Recent examples of CPD include ‘Assessment for Learning’ with Shirley Clarke, ‘Talk for Writing’ with Pi Corbett and ‘Outstanding Teaching’ with Jonathon Bond. These initiatives have had a significant impact on the schools as evidenced in their OFSTED reports. The schools have joined SUPER in the autumn term of 2013 in order to collaborate further in their research.

During the course of this academic year (2015-2016), the Dunmow Consortium of schools are conducting research on the theme of ‘closing the gap’ in our schools. As a consortium, we are really excited to be focusing on how boys learn and the developing gender gap, as well as exploring how we can raise the achievement for all pupils. The consortium has undertaken CPD focusing on how boys perform in Primary schools and this has included working with Gary Wilson. We are currently planning a ‘teachmeet’ for the Summer Term, where we will be disseminating our research across the consortium.

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Dunmow St Mary’s Primary
Felsted Primary
Great Dunmow Primary
Great Easton Primary
Rodings Primary
Stebbing Primary
Thaxted Primary
Moreton Primary
Great Bardfield Primary

Impington Village College

Although only members of SUPER since 2009, Impington Village College (IVC) has a rich research history. Student consultation has long been an integral part of the IVC ethos. Over recent years several research projects have been carried out in this area. Since joining the SUPER partnership in 2009 a gradually increasing number of staff have been involved in practitioner research projects and have benefitted from the expert guidance of the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education. Most recent research includes:

  • Morgan and Porter (2011) ‘Student researchers exploring teaching and learning: processes and issues’
  • A study of the factors influencing students’ decision making about post-16 education
  • Student engagement project
  • Does membership of a youth cult affect a young person’s attitude to learning?

Read more about Impington here.

Samuel Whitbread Academy

A member of the Bedfordshire East Schools Trust, and the Bedfordshire East Multi-Academy Trust, Samuel Whitbread serves the rural communities around the small market town of Shefford in Mid-Bedfordshire. As well as a popular and expanding comprehensive school with Specialist Engineering Status, it contains the BEST nursery school and facilities for adult education.

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Soham Village College Academy

Soham Village College is a large mixed 11-16 academy serving the town of Soham and the surrounding area. A popular and oversubscribed school, it forms part of the Staploe trust along with two feeder primary schools. Soham achieved Academy status in April 2010 but has been part of the SUPER partnership for seven years, developing a shared history of educational research.

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St Ivo School

St Ivo School is a large 11-18 comprehensive academy serving the town of St Ives. The school has a long standing partnership with the Faculty of Education. The school has recently returned to SUPER after a year away and is looking forward to engaging with other schools in research that provides measurable impact at a school level. St Ivo has a newly reformed teaching & learning group of over 20 keen and enthusiastic staff who held St Ivo School’s very first Teachmeet in November 2015 inviting colleagues from other local schools.

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