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Printers & Photocopiers

Printer Cartridges

The AVS Service maintain the managed printers and photocopiers and stock some cartridges for ink-jet printers.

Printer and Photocopier Problems

If a printer or photocopier has developed a problem/ malfunction, please contact the AVS Service.

Contact Information
Duty Technician x50803 or external 07917 535 803
Email Support or Enquires
Main Office (7) 67711

Replacement Cartridges

All network printers are monitored for low toner, if in the unlikley event that a managed printer has run out of toner, please contact the AVS Service with the following details.

  • Your Name
  • Location (e.g. DMB - GS6)
  • Printer type (HP Laserjet 4200)
  • Colour (e.g. Cyan)
  • Asset ID of the printer

Please note: Printer cartridges are only available for printers within the Faculty of Education, home–use is no longer allowed.

Printing on MCS (including Wireless)

Information on printing from MCS machines and wireless printing can be obtained form the faculty IT Service.

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