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Cultural, religious and philosophical traditions in educational dialogue

a group of diverse teenage students

About this research strand

This strand focuses on the interaction of dialogue for educational purposes and religious, cultural and philosophical traditions in educational theory, institutions and practices. Within this broad remit, it has two focal threads: intra-tradition and inter-tradition:

  1. The first explores processes of dialogue, broadly conceived, as they pertain to personhood and identity formation within a given tradition, including the relationships between individuals, their identifications, and a range of educational outcomes.
  2. The second explores dialogue between distinct cultural, philosophical and religious traditions – both as practiced in formal and informal educational contexts, and as the foundations for the development of educational theories. As part of this thread, the strand is the current home of the Cambridge Branch of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain. 

Strand Leaders

Daniel Moulin-Stozek & Farah Ahmed

The strand is co-convened by Dr Daniel Moulin-Stożek (University Lecturer) and Dr Farah Ahmed (Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow). Daniel’s previous research has explored adolescents’ identity negotiation in secondary schools; adolescents’ moral reasoning across different cultural contexts; the educational thought of Leo Tolstoy; and, the philosophical assumptions of multi-faith pedagogies for religious education.

Farah’s research interests lie in the intersections between educational dialogue, philosophies of Islamic education, 'Southern' theory, i.e. critical and indigenous research methodologies and personhood/character education. She is particularly interested in ontological, epistemological and theoretical frameworks and how these influence identity formation, classroom practice and teacher professional development.

Projects include

Rethinking Islamic education for British Muslim children. 
Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellowship: 2020-2022, held by Dr Farah Ahmed.

This project is a philosophical investigation of dialogue in Islamic educational theory and an empirical study trialing dialogic pedagogy in UK madrasahs (supplementary schools).

The purposes of education in interfaith perspective

This symposium, supported by the Spalding Trust, and to be convened by Daniel Moulin-Stożek, is postponed until further notice.

Cambridge Philosophy of Education Seminars in partnership with the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain

Academic Year 2020-2021 - Seminars are via Zoom until further notice. Contact or for the Zoom Link. 

Steiner Education
Yifan Sun, University of Cambridge
Tuesday 20 Oct 2020 5-6:30pm 

Character Education in light of the Islamic concepts of Adab and Akhlaq
Abdullah Trevathan,
 24th November 2020 5-6.30pm

Educational Justice: Liberal ideals, persistent inequality and the constructive uses of critique
Michael Merry, Department of Child Development and Education, University of Amsterdam,
 Tuesday December 1st 2020, 5-6.30pm

A renewed philosophy of higher education for British Muslims Tim Winter, Shaykh Zayed Lecturer in Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge, Tuesday Jan 26th 2021, 5-6.30pm

Alternative education in light of the Coronavirus crisis
Helen Lees, Independent scholar and writer, Tuesday April 27th 2021, 5-6.30pm

Technology and privacy in education
Shawn M. Bullock, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge
Lent 2021, Date TBC

Moral formation
Kate Kirkpatrick, Fellow in Philosophy and Christian Ethics, University of Oxford, Tuesday 4 May 2021 5-6:30pm

All students and staff are welcome at these seminars.

PESGB Cambridge Branch Postgraduate Student Representative
Nomisha Kurian (

Branch Secretary, Dr Daniel Moulin-Stożek (