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REAL: Publications

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Publications and Policy Papers

REAL Centre Research and Policy papers

Salem, H. 2018 The Voices of Reason: Learning from Syrian Refugee Students in Jordan. Policy Paper No. 18/3. REAL Centre, University of Cambridge.

Sabates, R., Rose, P., Delprato, M., Alcott, B. 2018 Cost-effectiveness with equity: Raising learning for marginalised girls through Camfed’s programme in Tanzania. Policy Paper No. 18/2. REAL Centre, University of Cambridge. 10.5281/zenodo.1247315

Bari, F., Malik, R., Rose, P., and Singal, N. 2018 Identifying disability in household surveys: Evidence on education access and learning for children with disabilities in Pakistan. Policy Paper No. 18/1. REAL Centre, University of Cambridge. 10.5281/zenodo.1247087

Other REAL Centre papers

Mitchell, R., Rose, P. 2018. Literature search protocol for the African Education Research Database. Methodological Note. REAL Centre, University of Cambridge.

Salem, H. 2018 The Transitions Adolescent Girls Face: Education in Conflict-Affected Settings. Literature Review. REAL Centre, University of Cambridge. 10.5281/zenodo.1247332

Delprato, M., Alcott, B., Rose, P., Sabates, R.  2017 Analysing cost‐effectiveness of raising learning for marginalised girls through Camfed’s programme.

Routledge book series

Education Poverty & International Development (EPID): Routledge Series. Series Editors: Madeleine Arnot and Christopher Colclough. For further information about books in this series, see here.

For more information on other publications please contact the REAL Centre.

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