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Early childhood education in Ethiopia

Mother and child at Megab Health Center

Early Learning Partnership (ELP) systems research in Ethiopia

Project summary

The Early Learning Partnership (ELP) is a multi-donor trust fund managed by the World Bank. It works with countries to promote increased investment in children’s early years through research, policy planning, project design, and finance. In addition to grants made to country-level activities, ELP identifies opportunities to contribute to the global evidence base of successful approaches for scaling access to quality early learning.

The ELP Systems research in Ethiopia seeks to understand the implementation of early learning provision, including to assess how quality interventions targeted at government-provided pre-primary education have affected children’s access and learning, with particular attention to vulnerable children, including those who are living in rural and remote areas and girls.

Research Team

Lead Researchers: Professor Pauline Rose; Dr Janice Kim; Professor Tassew Woldehanna; Professor Belay Hagos; Professor Tirussew Teferra; Mesele Arraya; Chanie Ejigu

Country partners: Institute of Educational Research at Addis Ababa University; Policy Studies Institute (PSI), Ethiopia.


April 2017 – December 2021


Multi-donor funds, via the World Bank


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Further information

See World Bank website: World Bank Early Learning Partnership